Fox relay race


  1. Tank

    Fox, Tier 6 AFV.

  2. Date

    June 26, 2021. Exact time to be defined, possibly 7p.m. GMT.

  3. Commanders

    Any, except for Ophelia Kitescu and Alisa Korhonen. Players found to be using either of these commanders will be disqualified from the event.

  4. Retrofits


  5. Crew skills


  6. Tank color/skin

    Teams are asked (not mandatory) to use the same camo/color scheme for both of their tanks.
    Example, team 1 with “Drought 1” and “Olive” base paint. Team 2 with “Drought 2” and “Storm” base paint etc etc.
    Basically, coordinate with your teammate to have the same color scheme, it will look great and will make it easier to recognize your teammate!

  7. Replay

    They must be turned on, in case of hard crashes/ramming and appeals.


TBD Probably Coastal Threat, Cold Strike, maybe others?

Possible cuts

Coastal Threat


There will be 2 players per team with no reserves.

Sign up procedure

Each team will be required to sign up via THIS FORM. You can also click on this link:
All the required informations to participate will be mandatory in that form (email, mycom ID).
Join this Discord server for communications, fast questions and check-in later:
Sign up deadline is TO BE DEFINED.

How does it work?

The races will consist of 2 laps, one lap per team member.
Team leader will be the first to start, and will complete the first lap.
The team that completes both laps first, will be the winner of the race.
There will be a maximum of 7/8 teams per race. All of them will be on the same side and one observer on the other side if possible, otherwise 6 on one side and one as “enemy team”. This is due to ramming inconsistencies in the game (ramming an enemy deals considerably more damage than ramming a friendly).


  1. Team captains will move to the start line marked on each map and align themselves at the beginning of the battle.
  2. 2nd team members will stay directly behind their captains and will not move until they will start their lap.
  3. Team captains will start when the timer at the top of the screen will reach 12:00 (room must be 15:00 minutes, the standard, so it doesn’t even require edits). This will allow everyone to start at exactly the same time, regardless of ping. Starting early will result in disqualification.
  4. Team captain will complete a full track lap, and on the finish line will ram his teammate. As soon as the teammate is hit, he can start his lap. If he moves before he is rammed by his team leader the team will be disqualified!
  5. Team captains must move out of the way as soon as possible upon ramming their respective teammates. Simply move out of the track once you touch your teammate.

Starting position

  1. There will be 7/8 starting slots, from 1 to 8, on a virtually horizontal line. Number 1 will always be on the side of the first corner – for example if the first corner is to the left, the slot will be the first to the left.
  2. In the first race, each team will have a random slot.
  3. From the second race, the slots will have the last race results reversed. So, the team who won the previous race will start from slot #8, and the team that was last in the previous race will start from slot #1.Slot examples for Coastal Threat below:


  1. 2nd team members who finish the race will type “F” in chat and move out of the way as soon as possible.
  2. Replay may be checked in case there are doubts about the results.


All of these will cause a team disqualification. Really, most are just common sense.

  1. Shooting other players and shooting in general. Players are allowed to load a small amount of ammunition and fire all of it at the start of the battle. Players may use their weapons again (party) as soon as everyone has finished the race.
  2. Team captains or 2nd team members not moving to the start locations.
  3. Team captains not starting at the correct time. In case the captain realizes he started too early, he can avoid disqualification by letting everyone else to pass him and say “E” in chat. This is because you can accidentally press W too early and a disqualification is a very hard penalty for that. In case 2 captains do this, they will both continue in random order (the time they lose before they realize this, will be more than enough to compensate for the early start). In case 3 captains do this, the race will be restarted.
  4. Intentionally ramming and/or toxic driving (hard blocking, going the wrong way etc). Use common sense, touching another tank can and will happen, but crashing it off the track must not happen.
  5. Team captains ramming the wrong tank. The accidentally rammed player has the right to move if he is accidentally rammed and must actively try to restore his original position as soon as technically possible, trying not to make even more of a mess in the process.
  6. If a player slides off the track he has the right to rejoin the track, but must not obstruct another player while doing so.
  7. ToS violations. Honestly, mild swearing is fine, but serious insults are a different story.
  8. Going outside of the route indicated by the images or cutting the track. Crashes/Accidents are an exception, of course. Avoiding an accident by cutting the track in an unintended way is also allowed, just don’t gain a position while doing so!
  9. Dying is counted as DNF. No points will be awarded, so try not to jump off bridges!


There will be 5 races for each roster, depending on participation. It may be 1/2/3/4 rooms of players, from 16 to 32 teams.
For each race, points will be awarded like so:

  1. 1st place: 10 points.
  2. 2nd place: 9 points.
  3. 3rd place: 8 points.
  4. 4th place: 7 points.
  5. 5th place: 6 points.
  6. 6th place: 5 points.
  7. 7th place: 4 points.

According to participation, an accurate formula will be present for semi-finals/finals.
As an example, 32 teams will be placed in 4 rooms of 8 teams, top 4 teams (16 in total) in each room will advance to quarter-finals (2 rooms), top 4 teams (8 teams in total) in each room will advance to semi-finals (2 rooms), top 2 teams (4 teams in total) in each room will advance to the final with 4 teams.


  1. 1st place: BMPT-2000 Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer.
  2. 2nd place: K1A1 Tier 7 Premium Main Battle Tank.
  3. 3rd place: KPz-70 Tier 6 Premium Main Battle Tank.
  4. 4th place: Object 279 Banner Bearer Tier 5 Premium Main Battle Tank.
  5. 5th place: 1000 Gold.


Organization does NOT reserve the right to arbitrarily ban people, there MUST be an objective reason highlighted on this page. Everyone is welcome.
I do, however, reserve the right to join myself, because this should be so much fun I don’t want to miss out 😀
These kind of races do not necessarily require the presence of an observer, because replays can be used as proof for anything that may happen but streamers/observers are always welcome. (Message me on Discord if you are interested! Contact info at the bottom of the page).
The ultimate proofs are easily the replays, it doesn’t take long to double check whether someone rammed another player accidentally or it was on purpose. A quick poll will take place among other participants and the result will dictate any actions taken towards a particular team. Honestly, I don’t think we will ever get to this point 🙂
Anyways, you can contact me privately on Discord at “Flavio93Zena#9116”.


All streams and recordings are allowed and encouraged, no need to ask anything, whatever you want to record/stream, you have formal permission 🙂

— Known issues:
– Prize formatting vs Finals would not allow proper 5th placement and upwards (solution – there might be an extra “fun” race for losers bracket).
– No way to check on Alisa’s usage (solution: ask for *sigh* screenshot of details tab at the end).
– Multiple maps, maybe randomize them!
– I didn’t make the paths bright red or something like that because some people are colorblind 🙂 But that color is visible for everyone.

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